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The jumping is a bit too floaty, but I love the idea and the style of it ^^

Hi there! I really liked the tutorial, and I completed it fully, however when I get the trophy and stay at the spot where it used to be, the game keeps playing the sound for getting it and unlocking the medal. (It does the same when I leave the spot then return to it.) Why is that?

Schulles responds:

Forgot about setting the medal-sprite = null. Sorry for that! ;)

It's great!

Only two bad things: the sound effects got annoying after a while (but maybe that is just because i'm playing with my headphones on) and it could be little harder. Or maybe you could increase the play time with levels, that need more thinking or a new way of solving things, than usual (like the level with the big 10 in the center; but again, a bit harder than that :) )


so, I already knew this game under name of B-Zero. My question is: did you steal it? Or are you the one who made B-Zero too? Anyway, the game is okay, but the walljump sucks like hell. It worked better in B-Zero...

You know...

... as I was playing this game, I always thought of Son Goku. Hmm, why? :D
Anyway, the jokes are good, the music is awesome, and the whole feel of it is awesome. I <3 this game. Btw, the glasses teleport is f'in hillarious :D

I-smel responds:

I have no idea why.
The closest reason I can think is that Trunks comes back from an alternate future to warn Goku in an episode, that's as close as it gets.


...so a few advices: bring back the real Shift atmosphere, like the great music, and the black and white goodness; or if you wanna use color(s), use them to serve real purpose, not just a green EXIT sign. This game isn't close to the other Shift games, and that's a bit sad :( I won't even mention the glitches...
Next time, if there will be any, make it a REAL shift game, please :)


Awesome :) This style of telling things is just awesome :)

Made a level:

Poet :the game:



awesome and challenging game :) i was waiting for the disobey screen to come up during coffee breaks :)


Saladfingers won't take the spoon... grrr... anyways, good game :)


Greatness! :) The ending was so surprising. What a twist! :)

"Honestly, let's be honest here". I try to make games. Sometimes they work. :D

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